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The Mantra’s I Use Everyday

  • October 4th, 2009
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At the moment, it feels like I don’t have enough time in the day to complete what’s required of me with a new site launching and a new studio opening, so I’ve had nerves and anxiety!!!


What do I need to help me through this?

Positive thinking, gratitude and flow to help bring joy, ease and grace!!!

And Mantras! What are mantras? Mantras can also be describe as affirmations! The dictionary describes mantras as:

A phrase repeated to assist concentration during meditation, originally in Hinduism; A slogan or phrase often repeated.

Subtle sound vibration, which through repetition aims at expanding one’s awareness or consciousness.

I’ve been using mantras for many years now and I recite them on a daily basis. It’s training my mind to have one pointed focus and soon after I’ve recited them , I’m filled with a beautiful feeling state. When I’m in challenging situation, it stabilizes the effects of any anxiety, fear, nervousness and any other emotional tension. I don’t want to suppress my emotions but instead feel them, observe them, then transform them!!

Here are some of my mantras are:
“I’m so happy and grateful to be surrounded and supported by an amazing team.”
“I have plenty of time, time supports me. Time is not running out, it’s flowing in.”
“I’m so happy and grateful I have completed the tasks required. I’ve done it.”
“I trust myself, I am more than capable. I have superhero qualities.”
“I am so grateful to have a beautiful website that’s inspiring millions of people around the world.”
“I’m so happy and grateful for my community and husband.”
“I trust in the process of life and enjoy every minute of it.”
“I’m so happy and grateful to have a beautiful studio that brings love, peace, joy and a sanctuary to many.”

Please feel free to use any of the mantras above. I’m look forward to sharing more with you along the way.

Take care.

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