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Retreat at the first Underwater Spa!

  • March 29th, 2010
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Our recent retreat in the Maldives at the world’s first underwater Spa at “Huvafen Fushi Resort and Spa” was such a success, we’ve been invited back and will return there in March, 2010.

Just south of Sri Lanka and India, nestled in the Indian Ocean, our retreat was located at Huvafen Fushi Spa and Resort in North Atoll on the Maldives. This piece of paradise created the perfect environment to escape everyday routine and assist those seeking reintegration with self and nature.

We began each day of the Renew Your Energy Flow Retreat with two hours of energizing yoga, followed by a balancing Qigong practice in the afternoon and a relaxing Yoga Nidra and mindfulness meditation in the evening before bed. Designed to help bring our levels of being, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual into balance.

It was our pleasure to practice yoga and qigong in their Yoga Pavilion structured above the water, where we were caressed by the gentle, nourishing sounds of the ocean and the presence of marine life beneath, assisting us drift with easeinto a sense of connectedness within and with nature. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, their award-winning “Lime Spa”, the first underwater spa in the world was offered to practice meditation. I felt privileged and inspired to witness the natural beauty and fluidity of this place and I now consider it one of the most stunning locations I have taught meditation.

Naturally, the Huvafen Fushi Spa and Resort offers many outstanding healthy dining choices, from the “Celsius”, with its luxe but laid back attitudewas a great way to start the day with a mouth-watering selection of fruit and breakfast goodies . The exquisite restaurant “Raw” unsurprisingly featured fresh raw cuisine or visit “Salt” to savour the finest seafood under the night sky.

Between classes there was time to enjoy the facilities and activities offered at the resort. Explore the aquatic life with the resort’s marine biologist and snorkel in the reef to appreciate the extraordinary abundance of sea life and colourful corals. You can even adopt a coral to assist the sustainable development of the reef. Why not try diving with the certified Padi diving instructor? Active souls can enjoy the many water sports available or simply relax and explore the Atoll on their luxurious yacht.

Pristine beaches, sparkling lagoons and private sandbanks beckon reflective walks at sunrise and sunset and the infinity pool, hammocks and designer lounges invite you to relax, slumber or rejuvenate.

The retreat was attended by equal numbers of men to women from across the globe including, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, U.K. Russia, Singapore and the Maldives. I felt blessed to have met everyone and hope we may meet again at another retreat.

Now that I’m back in the West, at times when I find my mind is in a subtle state of flux, I immediately return to my exquisite experience at Huvafen Fushi and the Maldives. My memory filled with the gentle nature, friendly smiles, genuine spirit and generosity of hearts of the staff, management and our new friends..

I encourage you to take the time to relax, rejuvenate, , reintegrate, , and bring inspiration back into your life by visiting this heavenly paradise and partake in one of Per Aquum’s retreats at Huvafen Fushi Resort or another of their destinations.

Per Aquum is dedicated to delivering an experience beyond each guest’s wildest dreams, while remaining committed to the sustainable development of the Maldives.

I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you someday to share in the experience of the Wellness Renew Your Energy Flow Retreat.

For a video teaser of Yoga in the Maldives click here and Qigong in the Maldives click here.

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