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5 Ways to Help Keep Cancer at Bay Part 3

  • July 28th, 2011
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Part 3


Hi everyone, how are you? It’s a pleasure to be connecting with you again, I hope you’re well and having a great day!

Today I’m looking forward to sharing the message of part 3 “What to wear, Is there a link between bras and breast cancer?”

When I heard this, I thought, oh no, I’m not ready to throw some of my sexy bras away. Are you like me, do you love your bras? Especially those sexy bras and lingerie! Bras are considered as a luxury for women as they can be very expensive. Men love the sexy bras and lingerie and love to buy them for their woman and women definitely love to receive them also.

I first came across this topic through Don Tolman (Natural Food Healing Guru and teacher) and found it fascinating, it certainly made sense to me. So I thought it was worth sharing this with you, as I think it’s incredibly important to look at the causes of cancer from many angles.

This topic requires us to change how we wear bras!! Interesting topic huh!! The report below is not asking you to throw your bras but instead take the healthy approach of wearing them.
For the wonderful men who are receiving this report, please share this information with your wife or girlfriend, family and friends also. I’ll be providing later a useful tip in this report for both men and women’s health.

There’s been a study by Sydney Ross Singer, an applied medical anthropologist revealed a causative factor for breast cancer apparently showing a woman who wears a bra for more than 12 hours a day increases her risk of getting the disease by 100 times.

Who would have thought this could be, as most women wear a bra for almost every activity and for many years without knowing this. There’s such a selection in the market for women… sports bras, strapless bras, cross over bras, sexy lingerie bras, underwire bras, no wired bras and many more.

Dr. Ross wanted to share his findings with the world so together with his wife, Soma Grismaijer, wrote “Dressed to Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras.” This came about after they interviewed 2000 women with breast cancer and another 2000 women without breast cancer. After asking a few questions the research revealed the following and found the link far greater than the link between cigarettes smoking and lung cancer.

You’ve already heard that a woman who wears a bra for more than 12 hours a day increases her risk 100 times, but a woman who wears a bra for more than 24 hours a day increases the risk 113 times. On the other hand, a woman who never wears a bra is one who is the least at risk, being 21 times less likely to develop the disease.

So what’s causing this? Dr Singer hypothesizes that the straps, side panels underwire, and other structures of the garment interferes with the function of the lymphatic system, that’s the drainage from the lymph’s which helps to remove toxins and waste products from the cells. So the longer you wear a bra, the longer the toxins are trapped in your breasts. After many years of using bras, the result can lead to breast tumors.

It’s unfortunate that the current medical industry hasn’t embraced this theory. It’s because they’re still only looking at the cause of breast cancer as biochemical and genetic, they’re ignoring the simple mechanical fact of what clothing constriction can do to the body. However, there are some alternative physicians, who supports Dr. Singer’s hypothesis. One in particular is the director of the Schachter Centre of Complimentary Medicine in Suffer, New York, Dr. Michael Schachter, says, “Bras and other tight clothing can impede the flow of the lymph fluid out of the breasts.”

So what their saying is, wearing a bra can cut off the lymphatic drainage that assists the body of the removal of toxic chemicals and are then trapped in the breast, contributing to the development of breast cancer.

Therefore Dr Singer’s message to all women from his research is “wear bras as little as possible”.

Dr Singer advises women to try his “risk free, cost free lifestyle experiment” for preventing the disease either by:


  • Being bra free or wearing a bra less than 12 hours a day.
  • Not wearing a bra to bed.
  • Select a bra that’s the right size for you.
  • Select a bra that’s not too tight, you should be able to slide two fingers under the shoulder straps and the side panels. The bra shouldn’t leave marks or dents on your skin.
  • Avoid underwire bras, push up bras and stiff bras.

I recall my mother telling me when I was a teenager not to wear underwire bras as she thought it was unhealthy and uncomfortable. Mum always encouraged me to take my bra off as soon as I got home, but of course I didn’t do this all the time. I’m now taking in my mother’s wisdom and Dr Singer’s advice as well.

Extra tips I’d like to share with you:


  • Skin Brushing for both men and women can be added to your daily routine. Brushing your skin with a natural fibred brush can stimulate the lymphatic system of detoxifying the body of toxins. Do this each time before you shower and brush from your feet upwards towards your waist, and continue to brush around your belly. Raise your arm and brush downwards from your wrist towards your heart. Brush from your waist upwards towards your chest.This can also give you glowing smooth skin as it rids the body of the old dead skin cells.
  • Lymphatic Massages can also be very helpful as it focuses on massaging the channels of the lymphatic system in the body and further stimulating the lymph’s to detoxify the waste products from the cells.I can’t go a day without skin brushing now, as it also energizes me and stimulates the blood flow in my body. I love treating myself to a lymphatic massage and drinking lots of water to help flush the toxins after the massage.


I hope this has been inspirational to you and you can now make some healthy choices towards the prevention of cancer and help educate those you love and care about. We’ve been conditioned to consider bras as a necessity when it’s really a cultural phenomenon and not a natural one.

On a final note, let’s liberate ourselves of old beliefs and habits and integrate new and useful ways to creating a new, happier and healthier you.

Thank you for joining me today and I look forward to sharing the next report with you, part 4, “How to think your way away from cancer.”

All the best and take care until next time.

Much love and service,


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